Q. How do I tap a keg?

1. Do not agitate the keg. After transportation, allow the keg to settle for 1 to 2 hours before tapping.
2. Make sure the beer faucet is in the off position prior to tapping.
3. Remove the dust cover from the beer keg.
4. Make sure the keg coupler handle is in the up (off) position.
5. Align lug locks on coupler body with lug housing in top of keg.
6. Turn coupler body 1/4 turn clockwise to secure coupler.
7. Pull lever handle out and push down to open beer and air/CO2 ports in keg. The keg is now tapped.
8. Open pressure relief valve or simply a faucet until all the pressure is relieved.
9. Open faucet(s) and begin pumping until the desired flow rate is reached.
10. Only pump with faucet open and only pump to maintain a good beer flow.

It is very important that the keg stays cold.  Place the keg in a bucket of ice so that the beer can be served cold (36-38 degrees). If not kept cold, excessive foaming will occur. Keep the Ubertap and keg out of direct sunlight and when not in use, submerge the beer lines and faucets in ice on top of keg.

Q. How do I clean my tap?

After each use, be sure be sure to clean your Ubertap to ensure that the next time you use your tap, you have a trouble free experience.  We recommend you purchase our cleaning kit and coupler attachment.

1. Remove the cleaning bottle cap. Mix cleaning chemicals with water per manufacturer's instructions.
2. Screw cap back on to bottle and connect the Ubertap to the coupler attachment housing just as you would a keg.
3. Pressurize cleaning bottle with Ubertap and release cleaning solution by squeezing faucets.
4. Remove bottle cap. Pour fresh water into cleaning bottle. Screw bottle cap back on and engage Ubertap.
5. Pressurize cleaning bottle with Ubertap and release fresh water by squeezing faucets.


Almost all dispensing problems are the result of:Improper temperature, Improper pressure or cleaning issues. 

Here is a checklist you can use if you are having trouble:
Is the keg stored between 36-38° F, and is the same temperature maintained all the way to the point of dispense? 
Is the keg over pressurized from too much foot pump depressions or too high a PSI on the Ubertap CO2? 
Have the faucets, beer line, and coupler been cleaned (with chemicals specifically manufactured for beer hose cleaning) on a regular basis? 

WILD BEER: Beer, when drawn, is all foam, or too much foam and not enough liquid beer.Beer temperature is too warm. 
Pressure is too high. 
Faucet in bad, dirty, or worn condition. 
Kinks, twists or other obstructions in the beer hose. 
Beer drawn improperly. 

FLAT BEER: Foamy head disappears quickly; beer lacks brewery fresh flavor.Beer temperature is too cold. 
Pressure is too low. 
Dirty glassware. 

CLOUDY BEER: Beer in glass appears hazy, not clear.Frozen or nearly frozen beer. 
Beer that has been un-refrigerated for long periods of time. 
Old beer. 
Dirty faucet, beer hose, and/or keg coupler. 
Dirty glassware. 

FALSE HEAD: Large soap-like bubbles, head dissolves very quickly.Dry glasses. 
Improper pour.